Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tiger Crystal Beer

This bottled beer was launched onto the Malaysian market a few months back.
Initially I avoided it like the plague due to the exorbitant asking price of....wait for it....wait for it....RM 17 a bottle!
I guess my response was similar to many others with the result that Tiger couldn't shift it.
So, those clever marketing people at Tiger have come up with a very good promotion.....sell it at the same price as that of their draft Tiger.
Which is nice.
So,at Gypsy Bar you can get a bucket of 6 bottles of crystal for RM 60.
Healy Macs sells 5 bottles for RM55.
Now,here's the's actually very drinkable beer.
It tastes like San Miguel Light or any other cold-filtered light beer.
It's also not quite as strong at 4.5% ABV as regular Tiger which is, I believe 5%ABV.
A friend of mine described it as "inoffensive" but I would go better and say it was clean, crisp and quite refreshing and doesn't leave that sticky aftertaste that draught Tiger does.
And,if you've ever woken-up with a "Tiger Head" after a heavy night I have to report that so far Tiger Crystal doesn't seem to result in such a near-death experience as a night on the draft can result in.
It's only available for a "limited" time-whatever that means, probably until they sell it all so you've got to get in quick.
Gypsy Bar are always running-out since I discovered it...
Update 6/5/10
Only in Malaysia would they have a "promotion" and actually increase the price!
Tonight Gypsy Bar are having a beer promotion night for Tiger Crystal with promotional girls etc etc.
The price for a bucket of 6 has been increased to RM65.
Still good value but it made me laugh when I was told "we are having a promotion and the price is increasing...."

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  1. Indeed, this stuff isn't half bad. Not too much taste to it then, and the bottles are warm before submerged in the ice-bucket. Resulting in a "warm area" of beer where not exposed to the ice. Very acceptable non-hangover, nice1!