Sunday, April 4, 2010

Malones Bar, KLCC

Sorry about the crappy picture-but then again it's a crappy bar....
Like we need another"Irish Bar" like a hole in the head...anyway I've been meaning to check this place out for a while but never really could be bothered-and I was right.
If you work in KLCC or get thirsty after going to the cinema/ shopping then there are few alternatives to Malones so you may decide it's OK for a couple of beers before heading somewhere else.
It's fairly small inside and is very dark and gloomy.
The outside seating is OK but nothing special as it still feels "indoors" what with the glass roof and aircon whirring away.
They have a small stage offering live music after 9pm but happy-hour finishes at 8pm so I didn't hang around.
Happy Hour prices are OK at RM15 for a 'metric pint" (500ml) of Tiger or RM11.50 for a mug.
It was standing room only at 7.00pm so it does get popular with the office crowd but by 8pm it was starting to thin-out with people either going home or on to a more exciting place.
The service was dreadful-really bad and I won't be going back,the staff were "busy being busy" and were fussing around each other but it took ages to get served-and even longer to get my change,they didn't seem to be short-handed but they were advertising for many staff....
If you've ever been to any of the Harry's Bars in Singapore-that's what it seems they were trying to recreate but they've failed miserably.
So,in summary-it's dark, gloomy and slightly claustrophobic,has very bad service and a too short happy hour and you can't see anything because it's surrounded by pot-plants.
If you happen to be in KLCC and in need of refreshment,make the effort and walk to Quatro in Avenue K,or to the bars on Jalan P.Ramlee.

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