Monday, April 19, 2010

KL Wildlife

You may think that the only wildlife you'll see in the centre of KL would be rats and cockroaches, with a few stray cats hanging around foodstalls-but you'd be wrong.
The area around Jalan Alor/Tengkat Tong Shin is also home to an ever-dwindling troop of Macaques.
There used to be a big group living in the trees behind where I live but the developers have felled most of the trees and shot most of the monkeys.
Quite sad.
Nowadays,I see this old guy every now and again,he looks a bit grumpy as there have been so many changes to his neighbourhood;more concrete,more noise,more traffic etc etc but the stallholders make sure he's got enough fruit to eat,which he takes very gently from the hands that feed him.
How long he'll last I don't know,he seems fairly streetwise and I wish him a happy retirement.

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