Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Return of Tiger Crystal

And what a welcome return it is!
First introduced in February 2010,Tiger Crystal is a light,refreshing bottled beer that is easy to drink and not quite as strong (or sweet and sickly) as normal Tiger draft.
And best of all,it doesn't result in such a horrendous hangover as a night on Tiger draft usually does.
This is good news.
Very Good News.
It disappeared from the bars in March this year and has just made a comeback.
I can only think that my complaints to the Tiger Brewery went unnoticed for a while until some lowly brewer stumbled upon it and thought..."Good idea,lets make some more..." 
At the moment,Gypsy Bar are selling a bucket of 5 for RM 60. whilst in Healy Macs it will cost you RM 70.