Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hiking Bukit Broga

Bukit Broga is a small hill about 40kms south of KL past Kajang (20kms) and just past Seminyeh.
As usual it's almost impossible to get to without your own transport.There is a University of Nottingham campus close by to serve as a landmark.
It's an unusual place because you see something you don't normally see in Malaysia:
And lots of it.
It must be something to do with the soil being to thin to support trees so you get some pretty good views and some unusual scenery.A different shade of green.
The hike itself starts in a make-shift car-park (RM2) and goes through a small Oil-Palm plantation,which quickly gives way to a few scrawny Rubber Trees but pretty soon you're in open country.
Broga consists of three summits with bare rocks scattered around and although there is some graffiti on the rocks there is very little rubbish/litter.
Yet another surprise.
If you're fairly fit,the hike will not be a problem.
Me? Well, not having done any cardio for a couple of months,it was at times a bit of a struggle,especially the first summit which left me breathless and a bit light-headed until I had a rest and ate a medicinal Mars Bar.
From there-on it was all rather pleasant.
The final summit was a bit of a challenge and there are some fairly big boulders to overcome.
Fortunately,when it gets a bit steep some thoughtful people have laid down some ropes but even though there is a rope at the final summit we had to find an alternate route as the final stretch was a bit too severe.
The 2km hike to the summit takes about 30 mins if you're super-fit but if you're like me and take every opportunity to "enjoy the view" ie catch your breath,it will take an hour or more.
It's slightly disappointing to be greeted by a sign at the top telling you you're 400m high because it seems much higher.
If you're still up for a challenge you can continue further for about 3km to reach the summit of Tok Wan but I think I'll save that for another trip.
As usual with all these hiking places,if you come here on a weekend or public holiday,you'll hate it as there will be a continuous queue going all the way up and all the way down again.
And you will find a few food and drinks stalls complete with white plastic chairs. 
If you come here when it's raining,or are unlucky enough to get caught in a downpour then you will without  a shadow of a doubt really not enjoy the constant slipping,sliding and falling-over and getting covered in mud and could probably be struck by lightening,which will really ruin your day.
But, get the timing right-and its a very enjoyable half-day outing.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Only Dish Worth Trying in Pavilion Food-Court

.....is the Mee Jawa at the stall down the end going towards Carl's Junior.
The reason I say this is quite simple-most of the other food on offer has that bland-tasteless,franchised food-court feel about it.
It can all look OK but when you actually eat it,you begin to think ;What's The Point?"
Just about every Shopping Mall has exactly the same old sub-standard crap (except for Lot 10)
Not so with the Mee Jawa in Pavilions.
And,at RM 9 for a big,steaming bowl it's pretty good value for money for this food-court and is quite filling and very tasty.
It's much better than the Mee Jawa on offer at Old Town White Coffee,and cheaper than what they serve atLittle Penang Cafe

Definitely worth a try....makes me hungry just thinking about it.......