Saturday, March 26, 2011

T-Bowl Restaurant 3rd Floor Sungei Wang Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

I swear that this is true!
A new type of concept restaurant has opened on the third floor of Sungei Wang Shopping Mall.
The theme is crap.
And that's the only joke I'm going to make about a restaurant where diners are seated on toilets.
The entire decor consists of toilet bowls,urinals and squat-toilets.
Some of the food is even designed to look like excrement (use your imagination) whilst other dishes are served in miniature toilet bowls.
I was quite taken aback when I stumbled upon this place,situated on the 3rd floor at the back near the Roller-Rink it is amongst a small collection of restaurants in a newly opened sort-of mini food-court.
I can't tell you much more about t-bowl as almost all the signage is in Chinese.
I've not eaten there but the few times I've walked past it's fairly busy and seems quite popular with teenagers and children with a scatological fixation (as Freud would put it)
I've no idea on menu or prices and their website was no real help either,so if you decide to go and try it please let me know.
I just think it's bizarre.

Friday, March 18, 2011

St.Patrick's Day Street Party Changkat Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

You have to hand it to the guys at Guinness-they certainly know how to organise a street party!
In honour of St.Patrick's Day-when the whole world turns Irish (except maybe Saudi and Kuwait),Guinness threw what is probably the most successful street party we've had on Changkat Bukit Bintang for quite a while now.
It makes such a difference when the street is closed for traffic and it's really great to wander up-and-down the street to check-out the various establishments.
A Great Party Atmosphere!
There were temporary beer dispensers outside most pubs and table and chairs arranged in the street so that the bars did not get overwhelmed....but boy,did it get hot and airless on the street later on!
Indeed the street was overflowing with people whilst the inside of some bars were almost empty..
Changkat Bukit Bintang was packed! I mean,where did everyone come from?
At 7.30pm just about the entire street was bustling with activity....
By 10pm if you fell-over you'd probably remain upright!
Face painters,Balloon folders,Stilt-Walkers and Juglers and the compulsory "over-the-top" sound system PA with-a-girl-with-the-most-annoyingly-over-amplified-voice-ever were trying to entertain the crowd who were really only intent on one thing-Drinking!
OK two things...Drinking and then More Drinking!
It was
Gave a feeling that it might suddenly collapse and descend into real anarchy....
Everything a party should be!
I couldn't work out if it was free Guinness that was being given away in plastic cups or somehow you had to pay for it...I was told the bars were selling a (plastic) glass for RM 10 for "street use" whilst inside it was "buy-one-get-one-free"
I don't like Guinness ( a result of excessive over-indulgence visiting their brewery in Dublin many years ago)
so I stuck with the Tiger Draft as ,sadly Tiger Crystal is no longer available....
But,what a great party!
Now...if only this street was closed to traffic every weekend.....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Now,This Is Going To Get Confusing!

Petronas Mercedes
 Malaysia has been hosting an F1 event for something like 13 years now and if you're an F1 fan you're probably used to seeing Petronas sponsorship.
But this season there are Malaysian interests sponsoring 6 cars... 25% of the Grid!

A Lotus
 We have the Petronas sponsored Mercedes
Then the Air Asia sponsored Lotus with a Renault/Red Bull engine
Lotus-Proton sponsored Renault with Lada written on the side...

And Another Lotus!
 I think.....
This is not bad for a country with no real racing pedigree and it must cost them a fortune.
Anyway,lets hope that they all qualify and deliver some exciting racing this season

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ceylon Bar Changkat Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

Ceylon Bar on Changkat Bukit Bintang has been around for years and has built-up a loyal following of locals and expats alike plus there are usually a few backpackers as Pondok Lodge is situated right on top of the bar.
Although it's been open for years for some reason it's a place that I rarely visit and on my last visit there for a Roast Dinner and to watch F1 I noticed how shabby and run-down the place was looking in the harsh,unforgiving daylight.
Having said that-I guess no bar looks good in daylight but I was interested to learn that Ceylon Bar has just had a refurbishment so it was worth another look.
Yeah,it looks alright although the guy next to me said it reminded him of drinking in his living room-and we couldn't decide whether that was a good thing or not....
The bar has been extended outwards which creates a slightly smaller drinking area but it's been made smoother by removing the little wall tables and replacing them with couches along the wall which is great as it creates opportunities for easy conversation with fellow drinkers.
The decor is black and cream that has a slightly Mediterranean feel, tasteful rather than rustic.
All the furniture has been replaced.
A lot of people like to hang-out on the terrace but I find the chairs there a bit too uncomfortable whilst the upstairs area at the back is a bit too impersonal-and remote.
The bar is a nice place to hang-out but you've gotta get there fairly early to get some bar space.
What hasn't changed is the friendly service and warm welcome you get here.
I probably go to Ceylon Bar less than once a year but I'm always met with good,friendly service.
The food is pretty damn good too-and the snack menu is probably one of the most extensive menus around with prices ranging from RM 11 to RM 30 you'll have no problem finding something you like.
A mug of Tiger will set you back RM 12.60 after taxes...cheaper than Finegans or Healy Macs but not quite as good value as Gypsy.
Ceylon Bar's success(and it's always pretty busy) is,I think down to the management and staff making that little bit more effort than their competitors do...and Good luck to them! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kasturi Walk Central Market Kuala Lumpur

Kasturi Walk is the much-hyped new tourist-friendly development in KL
running alongside Central Market.
It opened with lots of fireworks and publicity a few weeks back.
And guess what?
It's no big deal at all.
Just an extension of Central Market so you can buy more tourist bric-a-brac.
In the publicity blurb it goes something like .." enjoy an al-fresco shopping and eating experience"
In reality it's a row of little kiosks offering snack- food and the usual tourist junk.
I saw T Shirts priced at RM 29 which I'm pretty sure you can pick-up in Sungai Wang for RM 10.
OK,so I have to admit that the pavement ,which they call a "walkway" is better than before because it's level and clean and if the stalls are all owned by local entrepreneurs then good luck to them.
Kasturi Walk even has 24hr security guards who will not let you walk down before the stalls are open.
But come on,RM 8 million for this?