Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Most Expensive Beer in Kuala Lumpur ?

A strange topic for me to blog about as I'm a bit of a cheapskate who searches out the least expensive beers in the best bars.
Gypsy Bar, Changkat Bukit Bintang is probably the least expensive good bar in town but what do you think is the most expensive bar in Kuala Lumpur?
Any imported beer is costly unless it has somehow magically bypassed Customs and is either from the duty-free havens of Langkawi or Labuan or has come over the border/sold under the table from Thailand,Indonesia or even from further away like China.
Distance may also be a factor, I understand that is why Sol Beer, which is brewed in China is cheaper than Corona beer from Mexico.
Gypsy Bar have their pricing very competitive with original, legit Paulaner at RM 25 for a big bottle (500ml) whilst Weissbrau at Pavillion charges a ridiculous RM 55 for a similar size bottle from a different brand.
For locally brewed beers, that horrid Starker beer was available at RM 33 for 500ml for a short while at Gypsy Bar and still sells for a bit more at OverTime in the Life Centre.
Hotel Bars will always be pricey and they even take pleasure in being known as expensive places as they feel it gives them a certain status.
So choose from the bars at The Mandarin, Shangri La, Traders or Hilton.
I've been told that Zeta Bar at the Hilton now sells 500ml of locally brewed Tiger Beer at RM 40.
Can anyone beat that?

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