Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

According to most Chinese astrologers The Year of the Rabbit is going to be peaceful and prosperous for all of us. This is in direct contradiction to most world economists who are all talking doom-and-gloom and strife.
So,lets hope  the astrologers and 1.3 Billion Chinese are correct.

As usual the Shopping Malls in KL are full of CNY decorations-and as usual Pavilion is the most over-the-top and combines classy with tacky.....combining plastic rabbits (or are they fat rats?) with some interesting Lion Heads and Drums.
The lanterns also add a nice touch.
All the other malls use the same theme of a slightly comical looking plastic rabbit and a host of red lanterns.
Mid Valley also has a "Chinese Village" with all sorts of handicrafts on display and even DBKL (City Hall) has taken the opportunity to string-up some red lanterns along Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Alor.
Although they do look a bit half-hearted.
Most Shopping Malls are playing slightly likable but at the same time slightly annoying Chinese New Year music...there only seem to be two slow one and one slightly faster.
And the Lion Dances have already started.
And yet..and yet...somehow it all seems to lack a bit of atmosphere and seems a bit "flat"-and that's according to my Chinese friends.
Maybe we've had one holiday too many...or they're just too close to each other....Christmas rapidly followed by New Year and then Thaipusum. And there is a holiday in KL for Federal Territory Day next Tuesday and then we get a 15 day Chinese New Year (admittedly only Chinese New Year Eve and Days 1,2 and 15 are really celebrated) but we may be suffering from "Holiday Fatigue" ....
Still,better make the most of it as after Feb 15th the next Public Holiday is 1st May.... So Gong Xi Fat Chai,as they say!

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