Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quiz Nights and Price Increases along Changkat Bukit Bintang

I mentioned here about the Quiz Night held in Healy Mac's on a Monday night...well,it seems to be growing in popularity as last week there were about 20 teams...that's about 100 people so you can imagine it was pretty busy...and a little claustrophobic.
And there are some very clever buggers/walking encyclopedias taking part.
I also mentioned that Healy Macs offered some fairly good promotions on their beer....well,this all seems to have stopped.
This might be something to do with the time of year but it just might be a little un-sporting.
A mug of Tiger is unchanged at  RM13.50. but there is  no longer any "buy one get one free pint promotion"....and worse of all,they have re-introduced that dreadful "Happy-Hour" order your beer before 10pm.
A pint is RM 21...RM 24.50 with all the taxes.
I have no idea how much it is after Happy Hour as I refuse to pay it,just out of principle.
(Yikes! someone just told me it was RM 16 for a mug after 10pm!)
A bucket of Tiger Crystal is RM70 all night,which works out to RM14 per bottle.
It's still a great night-out....but I'm a little upset over the pricing.
And,just to prove that "anything you can do I can do better" Gypsy Bar now also hold a quiz night (Wednesdays) but sadly increased their prices on Dec 31st.last year.
I thought that this was just a "one-off" to capitalize on New Year's Eve but it's here to stay.
A mug of Tiger is now RM11 whilst a bucket of Crystal in now RM65 for 5 bottles. (RM13 each)
If you go to Beach Club you can still get a bucket of 6 Carlsberg for RM69 for 6 (RM11.50 each) as long as you order before 9pm.
Now all this may make me sound a little stingy,well I guess I am and I know that just about everything else is going up in price as well.
But I want Value for Money.
I don't think that the cost from the Brewery to the Bar has they are just profiteering.
Anyway,I still like both Bars and if I really wanted cheap(er) beer I could buy it at a supermarket and sit at home drinking it.
But where's the fun in that?
I believe that Ceylon Bar now offers the best deal along the street with a Tiger at just over RM10.
but as they're going to be refurbished soon...maybe their prices will change.
Incidentally,there are a few places on Tengkat Tong Shin that seem  less expensive but are totally devoid of atmosphere.
The massage place/Bali Restaurant is offering 3 jugs at RM100..which probably works out to RM8 per glass but unless you become your own entertainment you'll be bored as there is nothing to look at.
A bucket of 4 goes for RM 38.
Anyway,back to the Quiz night at Gypsy.It was a little less serious and a bit more light-hearted than Healy Macs,maybe because it was the first one...and it's a good opportunity to try and win some free beer/cash.
I've been told that The Social  has a quiz night on Tuesday's...and maybe Finnegan's does something as well.
So,If you've got the brain cells(and you're willing to sacrifice them)...Monday at Healy Macs,Tuesday at Social and Wednesday at Gypsy...oh and maybe even Spritz on a Thursday night.


  1. gypsys and quiz nite..hmm interesting, thanks...I must say though that Gypsy is losing it's appeal and really knows how to piss you off every now and then. It used to be good, now, at times, I'd rather spend a bit more and get better all round value...atmosphere, people know what I mean... so far Healy Mac is looking good...thanks for the tips...good blog!

  2. yeah good blog, keep up the writing

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