Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Bridge to Nowhere.....

I came across this the other day and thought it so bizarre that I had to write about it.
The road junction of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Raja Chulan,at Wisma Cosway is one of the busiest in town.
About 9 months ago it was decided to slightly alter the one-way system with the result that one of the traffic islands was made redundant.
So,there was this big triangle of land that no one knew what to do with.
"I know!" said some guy in the local council..."Let's build a bridge!"
I can imagine other people looking at him thinking WTF?....and then a bit later on saying "What a brilliant've earned your promotion!"
"But there is absolutely no need for it" a lone voice of dissent is heard to cry.
"Why don't we concentrate on fixing the uneven pavements around town or even try to unblock the drains"
"You're fired for lack of imagination" says his boss...."Besides,we need to give that grumpy old blogger something to complain about!"


  1. why u criticise to others business...........?
    why u not show your business is what?
    u r useless

  2. IF u pointed to others with 1 finger, its automatically pointed to yourself with your own fours,,,,, stop curious......... i know how to criticise