Thursday, February 3, 2011

Starduck @ Lot 10 Food Court Bukit Bintang

I mentioned here that you can find the Best Hokkien Mee in the World at Lot 10 Hutong Food Court.
I would have to say that this is without doubt the best food court in KL and the thought of eating some Hokkien Mee to help cure a hangover is rather comforting.
Incidentally,the German Restaurant mentioned here!  in the same foodcourt has gone off-the-boil a bit...they've cut down on portion size but maintained the price.I now avoid it.
Anyway...back to the point... On days when you're feeling fine you may need something less oily and lardy than Hokkien Mee
Fear Not.
Have a look at Starduck-Duckling,it's opposite the Sun Moulin Bakery and usually has a queue-always a sign of good food.
Here they specialise in Roast Pork and ,as the name suggests,Roast Duck.
The Roast Pork is gorgeous!
It's a little pricey (about RM 12 for a dish) compared to other stalls but it's worth it as it's unlikely you will ever find anything better in the heart of KL...and even in the suburbs food stalls like this are fast-disappearing.
So,what do you get for your RM 12?
A big glutinous ball of clotted noodles,a "nod" towards vegetables with an unidentifiable green-thing and some mouth-wateringly good slices of roast pork.
And the "secret sauce" which I think is sweet soy sauce.
The trick is to "untie" the noodles by continuously tossing and separating them with your chosen utensils (fork and spoon or the twig technology of chopsticks) and mix them in with the soy sauce underneath them.
Once the noodles have changed colour from white to're ready to eat.
You'll be surprised how good it tastes.
And yet it's so sweet and simple...a bit like my wife!...


  1. The name is brilliant - "Starduck" :) I almost feel like trying - just because of the name!

  2. Oh and the unidentifiable green thing is kai-lan (aka. Chinese Broccoli) isn't it? I just love those - even better than "normal" broccoli.

  3. It's not kai-lan. It's xiao bai cai. And it's definitely not broccoli, Chinese or otherwise. What on earth is Chinese broccoli??