Saturday, March 26, 2011

T-Bowl Restaurant 3rd Floor Sungei Wang Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

I swear that this is true!
A new type of concept restaurant has opened on the third floor of Sungei Wang Shopping Mall.
The theme is crap.
And that's the only joke I'm going to make about a restaurant where diners are seated on toilets.
The entire decor consists of toilet bowls,urinals and squat-toilets.
Some of the food is even designed to look like excrement (use your imagination) whilst other dishes are served in miniature toilet bowls.
I was quite taken aback when I stumbled upon this place,situated on the 3rd floor at the back near the Roller-Rink it is amongst a small collection of restaurants in a newly opened sort-of mini food-court.
I can't tell you much more about t-bowl as almost all the signage is in Chinese.
I've not eaten there but the few times I've walked past it's fairly busy and seems quite popular with teenagers and children with a scatological fixation (as Freud would put it)
I've no idea on menu or prices and their website was no real help either,so if you decide to go and try it please let me know.
I just think it's bizarre.

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