Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kasturi Walk Central Market Kuala Lumpur

Kasturi Walk is the much-hyped new tourist-friendly development in KL
running alongside Central Market.
It opened with lots of fireworks and publicity a few weeks back.
And guess what?
It's no big deal at all.
Just an extension of Central Market so you can buy more tourist bric-a-brac.
In the publicity blurb it goes something like .." enjoy an al-fresco shopping and eating experience"
In reality it's a row of little kiosks offering snack- food and the usual tourist junk.
I saw T Shirts priced at RM 29 which I'm pretty sure you can pick-up in Sungai Wang for RM 10.
OK,so I have to admit that the pavement ,which they call a "walkway" is better than before because it's level and clean and if the stalls are all owned by local entrepreneurs then good luck to them.
Kasturi Walk even has 24hr security guards who will not let you walk down before the stalls are open.
But come on,RM 8 million for this?


  1. I visited this place in January 2014. It wasn't full of tourists, but it was clean, and the kiosk owners were kind. Perhaps they should sell stuff which is not available inside Central Market and at nearby Petaling Street.

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