Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Great Beach Club Rip-Off!

Don't get too excited....this isn't about the girls taking their clothes off.
Although I hear that some of them will.....and frequently do.
No, it's about the ridiculous and exorbitant new prices at Beach Club.
The all-new staff mumbled something about new prices for the World Cup, in which case every footie fan who goes there is going to get overcharged and ripped-off.
In my opinion.
A "Happy Hour",if you can now call it that, bucket of beer now has only 4 bottles and sells for RM65 ,that's RM 16.25 per bottle-at happy hour until 9pm. (it used to be RM72 for 6-and even went down to RM55 last December)
Happy Hour price for 1 bottle is now RM17.50

After 9pm you will have to pay RM27 for one bottle or RM88 for a bucket of 4.
This is ridiculously overpriced.
I have no idea of the rationale behind the new pricing policy-and all the staff were new and a bit difficult to chat to but it seems to me that it's pure exploitation.

I'm quoting the price of bottles of beer as I don't quite trust the draught....it used to seem a bit watered-down and the glasses were usually dirty. trust me,you wouldn't want to drink it.

The place wasn't busy at all on the Sunday I was there and yet they implemented the cover charge at 9pm on the dot and then shut the wooden doors on the outside at 9.30pm.

Maybe the owners are thinking that they will get extra-busy over the next few weeks and it's a good chance to fleece the patrons-but if it's their new permanent pricing structure then I can't see me going there again-which is a bit of a shame as some of the scenery was "interesting" but not at those prices for a beer-after all,we have to have (at least some) principles...

Update 23/8/10 The price for a Happy-Hour bucket of 6 Carlsberg is back to a reasonable RM 69.
So it seems that they were just profiteering from the World cup...

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  1. ... unfortunately, as you already said, this place is a rip-off big time... I used to go there a few time 2 years ago, but have not been back since. The beer prices are out of this world, but more importantly the girls just don't know when to leave you alone... some people may think this is great, but trust me there are other places, already mentioned in this blog where the beer prices are half of that and the atmosphere is far better.