Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Architecture Worth Saving

Despite all the glossy adverts showing KL's modern skyline,which I have to admit is rather impressive there are still a few areas of older buildings that although disappearing fast are still visible and nice to see.
I recently took at Sunday morning stroll along Jalan Ampang,not the bit with all the embassies and condos but at the beginning,near to China Town and the big Maybank building at Pudu Raya.
There was little traffic and is was a pleasant and shady walk admiring the architecture.
How much longer these old shophouses stay standing is anyone's guess.
Recently,The walls of Pudu Jail were demolished and people only made a fuss about it after it had happened.The same thing happens whenever an old building is destroyed in the rush to build modern office blocks,hotels,shopping malls,hotels or condos.
I know that lots of older people in this part of the world equate old buildings with times of hardship or poverty but to most visitors and an increasing number of locals they are part of the social history of Kuala Lumpur and need to be preserved.
There's not much in KL that is over 100 years old-so if you see an old building,take a picture as it may well not be standing when you're next here!

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