Friday, March 5, 2010

The Best Restaurant in Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur?

Yes. No Contest.
I've written before about Jalan Alor,the food street that runs parallel to Bukit Bintang.
The best food can be found at Meng Kee Grilled Fish Restaurant about half-way down.
This place covers about 3 or 4 shop-fronts as it sprawls out along the pavement.
It's easy to find because there are always lots of people sitting at the tables-the sign of a good restaurant plus,like most places along the street they have staff outside eager for your business. Look for the small Chinese woman boss with the big voice-she will always find you a seat!
Note: There is a totally different night time scene to day-time.
this restaurant only opens in the evening which is why there are many confusing name-signs.

As the name Meng Kee Grilled Fish suggests,specialities here are fish.
The menu is simple and easy to understand with pictures and prices under each dish and you can order small,medium or large. Fish dishes range from RM20-RM35 and "small" is big enough for 2 or 3 people to share.
I think the beer comes from another stall along the street and is RM15 for a big bottle.
The Grilled Stingray with Chili sauce,The Chicken fish (guess what it tastes like) and the Buttered Prawns are amongst my favourites with Four-Angle Beans in Chili sauce or Taiwanese Bean Sprouts as a veggie accompaniment.
Plus the rice-or noodles of course.
The staff and the boss are very friendly and the restaurant caters to tourists,expats and locals.
I've been coming here for years and to my knowledge have never been overcharged.
I've recommended it to many others-all of whom have enjoyed it.

If you're a bit "fussy" the idea of sitting at a plastic table on a dirty and sometimes smelly pavement-knowing that their are plenty of rats in the vicinity whilst you're being hassled every ten minutes by some tout may be a bit off-putting.
Or you may think it adds to the atmosphere!

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