Monday, March 1, 2010

Beach Club Jalan P.Ramlee Kuala Lumpur

They had a Lion Dance performance at Beach Club last Sunday.
Traditionally,a Lion Dance ushers in the (Chinese)New Year and brings luck and prosperity to the owner/establishment.
Judging from last Sunday,Beach Club needs all the help it can get.
I used to like coming here for a few good reasons:
a) It was the only lively place to go on a Sunday.
b) It had a good Happy Hour bucket of beer promotion.
c) There was always some interesting "scenery" to look at-if you get my drift.
d) The DJ played a lot of 80's and 90's rock and they had a live blues band.
It would seem that since the well publicised raids last October and on January 1st this year that Beach Club can no longer call itself "Asia's Most Popular Bar" if it ever really could.
a) It wasn't very busy at all (although I did leave at 11pm so maybe it got busy later)
b) the bucket Promotion at RM69 for 6 beers is still OK-but not as good as when it was RM55.
And,I don't know if my hands have gotten bigger-but the bottles seemed a bit smaller.
c) There was definitely a "B Team" line-up as far as the scenery is concerned.
d) Beach Club does not have live music anymore-the DJ was crap and was playing bass-heavy dance music.
Also,at 10pm (in view of noise restrictions) most of the sliding doors are shut,leaving only a few gaps to get into the bar/dance area inside from the outside veranda,which creates 2 distinct areas;an inside and an outside and they feel quite remote from each-other.
There used to be a couple of small bars outside but these have been taken away-probably a sign that Beach Club doesn't get the crowds like it used to,or maybe they were banned from having them there.
I guess it's still one of the only lively places to go on a Sunday and Happy Hour is OK but it's definitely lost something of late-I'd give it a six-and -a-half out of ten.

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