Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Asian Heritage Row,Jalan Doraisamy,Kuala Lumpur

Within walking distance from Cap Square/Dang Wangi LRT or the Imperial Hotel/Bukit Tuanku Monorail, Asian Heritage Row was at one time "The Next Big Thing" for Kuala Lumpur nightlife.
Sorry to say,It Isn't Anymore.
A few years back it seemed to have a good mix of places that offered almost something for everyone...pubs,bars,restaurants and clubs.
These days it's mainly just clubs-and a lot seem to change hands quite frequently which makes me think that the place just doesn't work.
It all looks a bit tired and run down to be honest. And I don't know anyone who goes there.Ever.
But then,I don't know many 25 year-olds.
When I walk past no one has ever tried to entice me inside so I'm obviously not their target market.
The bars look like clubs and the clubs have RM50 cover charges.
And it all looks the same.
It's almost deserted during the week and things don't get going until past midnight at weekends.
Whether it was wrong location,greedy landlords or just a fickle clientele that has moved elsewhere (and it's RM10 to park) ,it just doesn't seem to be raking in the crowds.
Maybe I'm just a bit jealous of youngsters who can party all night-and have more money to spend than I do....
Update 6/4/10 I just heard that BarSavanh has closed-this place was almost the "anchor tennant" and was probably the first to open on this street.
If they can no longer make it work here....maybe no one can.
I think you'd have to be very brave to open a bar on this street.

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