Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's Annoying about Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur?


Well, a couple of things are really beginning to annoy me.
I've mentioned before about the dick-heads who park their cars on the pavement thus causing pedestrians to walk in the road. Honestly,these people*have* to park as close as possible to the establishment of their choice as they are incapable of walking more than 10 paces or they'll have a heart-attack and die.
These people are either blissfully unaware of the inconvenience their actions cause to other people-or they are,and they just don't bloody care!
Then there are the jockey-parkers who block-off one side of the road and are the main cause of the constant traffic snarl-up.
There are 3 really large car-parks at the top of the street and a smaller one at the bottom so there is really no excuse for the anti-social behaviour of these idiots.
The other thing that really annoys me at the moment is all the "pavement furniture"
Some bars put up barriers to stop cars parking right outside their establishment-all well and good as far as I'm concerned, then a few started putting up trees and shrubs to "mark-their territory" and now they put up banners and posters and blackboards and god-knows what else to either advertise their wares or to piss-off the people in the bar next door!
I don't know about you-but who the hell ever reads all this junk?
Have a look between Gypsy Bar and Reggae Bar-it's stupid-and I have to walk in the road to get past these ugly obstacles.
And it blocks the view of the street when sitting at the bar.
And Reggae Bar has now introduced a Rm40 weekend cover charge!!
That's OK for a special live band
But-if it's just for the hell of it....
Even more reason not to go there!
People tell me that the reasons that the crowds stopped going to Bangsar was because of parking issues/aggressive car jockeys and there were also noise and parking complaints from residents...perhaps Changkat Bukit Bintang will be a victim of it's own success?
Update 13 Feb.
I don't know if any Royal Malaysian Police personnel read this blog but 2 police officers made a good attempt to rid the street of illegally parked cars last night-they managed to clear just about all the cars for a period of about 30 minutes then had to retreat due to a downpour....
The cars returned soon after but the police didn't.
At least they made an effort.
I also hear that a few complaints have been lodged by nearby residents re late night noise....

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