Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bayernhaus, Cap Square, Kuala Lumpur

I've blogged before about Cap Square and how it's best to be avoided as it seems to be devoid of any atmosphere whatsoever....
If you do find yourself here and feel like a good feed than you could do no better than to check-out Bayernhaus Bar and Restaurant.
As the name suggests,the restaurant serves mainly German Food and German Beer (Paulaner) both of which are surprisingly good.
Although the place has been open for about a year it is under new (German) management which translates to improved quality in both food and service.
First thing to mention would be their bucket promotion whereby RM125 for a bucket of 5 big Paulaner's gets you free food which varies each night but includes Ribs,Pork Knuckle or a plate of sausages. This 'free food" comes in normal size portions so it does seem good value for money.
The menu itself although not extensive,covers most items you would expect from a German restaurant; Pork Knuckle,Schnitzel,Steak and various sausage combinations.
The thing about the Germans (apart from being a little too good at soccer) is their apparent dislike of all things made of vegetable or salad....This is a restaurant for meat-loving carnivores not for people who want veggies with their meal.
Yeah,OK-you can order a salad to go with your main but the chef here nods towards the existence of vegetables rather than embraces them.
Having said that-the food is very good.
Portions are big. Quality is very good. Service is very good.
Pricing seems quite reasonable with dishes in the RM 25-35 range.Or you can share the mixed grill for RM 60.
You can choose to sit inside (which I always find a bit chilly) ,at the outside bar and at high or low tables outside.There's even a sofa for lounging....
I know we're going through a bit of a hot spell at the moment but sitting outside seemed really hot! There are no fans,the air is still and clammy and the mosquito's were just as hungry as I was. Next time we'll choose a high table or sit at the bar.
And next time,I'll order a side-salad!
Overall though, I was quite impressed with this place.
Maybe Cap Square isn't so bad after all.......

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