Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pau Kee Restoren, Jalan Imbi ,Kuala Lumpur

I've written before about the Jalan Imbi area and how pleasant it can be for a Sunday morning stroll, with it's atmospheric shophouses and big shady,trees and (relatively) quite roads.
All of which can give a feeling of being back in time,in a KL from the 60's or 70's.
A good excuse to get you there and away from the materialistic hell of Jalan Bukit Bintang is to have a late breakfast at Restoren Pau Kee on Jalan Barat,just off Jalan Imbi behind the big Honda showroom.
It's quite well-known for serving a few specialities such as Ipoh Kuay Teow,Fresh Prawn Won ton,Prawn Dumplings and Won ton Mee Chicken.
As with a lot of coffeeshops and small restaurants in the city it can be a bit intimidating when entering as sometimes it's a bit difficult knowing not just what to order-but actually how to order it as well as language issues can crop-up.
But that can also add to the fun...
If you don't speak the local dialect which I believe is Hokien,you may struggle a bit to order but you can generally get-by and the staff will either point you towards a menu or find someone who can tell you what's on the menu.
The food at Pau Kee is very good and sitting at one of the tables outside is quite a chilled-out way to enjoy your late breakfast/early lunch.
Pricing seems quite reasonable with dishes in the RM 4-6 price range.
As with lots of popular food places,it can get very busy around 1pm and the service can be annoyingly slow-the cook prepares one bowl/dish at a time so you may have to be a little patient.
Relax-it's Sunday.
I always seem to get very thirsty when I eat here so they may use copious amounts of MSG in their food but it makes a great change from eating bland franchised food in sterile shopping malls.

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