Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SK Corner

One of the most popular and convenient food places around Changkat Bukit Bintang is SK Corner. Situated on Tengkat Tong Shin just past the 7-Eleven, SK Corner is a large,open-sided place that offers typical mamak style food (Muslim Indian) 24 hours.
The menu is pretty vast and even includes a few western favourites for homesick European backpackers.

The food is nothing fancy and certainly nothing to shout about but it is fairly good value for money.Basic noodle and rice dishes together with various Indian Breads such as Chapati,Thosi and Roti Cani are the main-stay,with a Tandoori Oven offering Nan Breads and Tandoori Chicken.
Prices start from as little as RM1.50 for a Roti Cani (great for a greasy-breakfast) and climb to RM15 for a lamb chop and chips with most dishes around the RM4-5 mark.
It's a good place for a late-night supper.
During the day a lot of the stalls are not open...the Tandoori oven for example only fires-up around 5pm.

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