Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Healey Mac's Irish Bar, Changkat Bukit Bintang

The latest Bar to open on Changkat Bukit Bintang, Healey Mac's is billed as an Irish Bar cum Sports Bar.
Situated right next door to the long-lasting Green Man, Healey Mac's looks exactly as you would expect, which I guess is the point.
The decor consists mainly of dark wood and sombre colours with a few trinkets and posters stuck on the walls. It's nicely done in a predictable sort of way.
The interior looks very, very similar to Finnegan's a few doors up the road. The front of the bar is light and airy, not too bright and gives a good "people-watching" view of Changkat Bukit Bintang whilst inside the aircon makes it a little too cold for comfort.I would prefer a few more high-tables and bar stools at the front,instead of tables and chairs.
There is a giant screen against the back wall and a big open space for standing room-only.
It boasts a nice long bar-counter, with TVs above for sports fans and should have a good atmosphere for watching live events,but this is a double-edged-sword as if they have the commentary switched on,and you're not interested in the game,you may want to drink-up and go elsewhere.
Upstairs has the kitchen,comfy,sofa-seating,yet another TV and a veranda/balcony giving a good view plus it's own bar,so the staff don't have to keep running up and down stairs with your order.
I guess that if the concept of an Irish Bar is good beer and good company/conversation then Healey Mac's should do OK for itself.
Beer prices are acceptable during Happy Hour (until 10pm) when a mug of Tiger is RM11, but rises to over RM15 after 10pm-I always have a problem with bars that have a two-tier pricing system but offer no extra benefit/entertainment to justify the price increase, after all, you're drinking the same beer-why charge more when it's busy?

So,at the moment you can drink in Finnegan's/Healey Mac's until 10pm and then head to Bar Ceylon, The Green Man or Gypsy Bar to enjoy their same-price-all-night approach.


  1. I was in Healy Mac's last week and i was amazed at how nice and clean the bar was. The food was excellent. The Guiness was beautiful and not expensive. When i asked about how come the drink was so good one of the owners talked to me, a very nice Irish guy, explained everything to me about how to pour the perfect pint. It sure made a big difference to the taste and i'm going to make Healy Mac's my watering-hole from now on.

    1. you're crazy...who wants a spotless place with no character?I went there for Happy hour last night...place was mostly empty...bartender acted like it was a hassle to talk to me...I asked him do you have a happy hour...he replied yes...I said is it two for one on beers?(like most places nearby).. he said yes...I said sure...even though he listed the pint price at RM25...still a bit pricey but I agreed.He brought me both beers at the same time,which I thought was weird..

      He then continued with ignoring me and any of my small talk...NOT very IRISH bar
      ...to the chase,my bill had two beers charged making RM 50...I said what happened to two for one to the manager?He asked the bartender to join into the conversation asking him did you tell him that...his answer was no...what a fucking liar!I was not going to get into a heated argument with both of these scam artist.
      But the way the manager handled the situation was absolutely absurd...it was not professional, it was confrontational
      and in the end, he just decided to walk away from me as a customer(siding with his liar employee)...Either this happens more often than not and does not get reported.Or there is a running scam on guests in this bar...at the very least
      MORONS work and manage this place

      I'll never come back and will advise all to stay away... CONGRATULATIONS...you just won 1,000's of dollars in bad word of mouth

  2. They are got such a idiot manager.

  3. I have some complain to do.
    CHANGKAT, Healy mac's irish bar, they've been so bad ass on us last weekend. We went to almost every bar and clubs at that night. When when we arrived to "healy mac's irish bar" we have refused to Enter with the words full house, whilst at the same minute there were 3 arab guys entered the bar, but when i asked whyy?? the guy said i can enter but my 3 African friends can't. When i asked for the explanation/reason he said he doesnt have to explain.
    There is White girl i guess Irish, working at the entrance inviting people in, on my previous visit she was almost begging us to enter the club and we did enter had lots of fun, but What is wrong with refusing my friends they are from South Africa & they were refused. When we said we will complain, the guy i guess "owner" said: I dont care if you complain, do whatever you want. THATS A BIGGEST RACISM. AS im caucasian i didnt have a problem, but i really need to to know why WE HAVE BEEN in this situation???
    WHAT KIND OF RACIST Manager is there???
    The guy said on our complain do whatever you want, people do not care. they just fuc*ing care of a drink