Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gypsy Bar,Changkat Bukit Bintang

Gypsy Bar on Changkat Bukit Bintang is probably my favourite bar along the street right now.
It's been open for about 18 months and has built-up quite a name/reputation for itself.
The main reason I like it is for having good-value beer at RM10 for a mug of Tiger.
But I also like the good atmosphere.
On a street with a few too many bland up-market eateries, Gypsy Bar is a non-pretentious,non-posy "proper bar".
Few people go there specifically to eat but the food is reasonable if you get the munchies and need to soak-up the alcohol. For some reason French Fries seem to go well with a few beers!
Each night is different but usually starts-off fairly quite and relaxed with the early-bird,after office-hours crowd and then gradually fills with the after-dinner crowd , then the party people begin arriving from about 10.30pm onwards.
The quality of the Tiger can vary a bit....from "drinkable" to "has been sitting in a jug under the bar and is nice and warm" so if it doesn't taste fresh and cold-send it back!
Friday and Saturday nights can get really busy with the crowd spilling-out onto the pavement.
The crowd comprises of locals and expats and a few girls out looking for guys,which naturally then attracts guys out looking for girls.
There is an upstairs section offering a less rowdy scene,but most people prefer the downstairs bar.
The mix of the crowd can vary considerably form one night to the next.
Sometimes,it's predominantly local,other nights it gets really inundated with expats,some nights the working girls are a bit too visible and other nights they seem to fade into the background.
Apart form the value-for-money Tiger,Gypsy bar also offers reasonably priced Paulaner Beer at RM 26 for a big bottle and the cocktails include the ever-popular and fairly lethal Long Island Ice Tea.
The staff are by and large a friendly bunch and the service ranges from good to dreadful depending upon how busy the bar gets.It's not uncommon for the service to almost collapse around midnight as the staff get so overwhelmed. On nights like this it pays to keep track of how much your bill is as overcharging can happen,more out of confusion rather than any malice. On busy nights the queue for the toilets can take a while,so plan ahead.
Musically,the in-house DJ plays a good selection of sounds but can crank it up far too loud (ie distorted) some nights-or maybe I'm just getting old! Sunday night music is a bit different with R&B and hip-hop,whilst on Wednesday they have begun to experiment with live music,usually a duo with a backing track that seems a bit pointless.
All-in-all,Gypsy Bar is one of the best bars in Kuala Lumpur. It's a shame they don't have Carlsberg Draught though!

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