Saturday, July 16, 2011

Duck King Restaurant Food-Court Level Pavilion Mall Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

After opening one of the two best food stalls in Lot 10 read about it hear! You would have thought that the people who run Star Duck/Duck King would know how to do things.
I normally can't be bothered to add a caption!
The recently opened Duck King Restaurant at the food-court level in Pavilion *should* be fantastic-but it's not.
Tastes like instant Noodles-but ten times the price!
Whether it's just "teething-problems" or not I don't know but we were sadly disappointed with our recent visits.
They have opened near the Supermarket end,a place that has had rather a lot of tenants...maybe it's just in a poor location....
Or,maybe we just selected the wrong dishes.
First,the noodles were no better than a packet of Instant Noodles you make at home.
Secondly,the Carrot Cake was powdery.
Third,the Fried Rice was bland and tasteless
and Fourth...
The service was..hmmm..."clueless" would be too severe a criticism but they were a bit "all-over-the-place"
Scallops were nice tho...
The only saving grace was that the scallops were rather good.
Powdery-Carrot Cake
Now,as I said there are always teething problems when opening a new restaurant but I wasn't impressed at all,especially when I love their little stall in Lot 10.
If ever you're hungry in Pavilion Mall and you don't mind spending a bit of money there is still no better bet than Crystal Jade which you can read about here!

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