Sunday, June 12, 2011

Never Mine Bar Changkat Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

Never Mine is the new name for what was the unpopular Cin-Cin Champagne Bar.
Gone is the plush velvet low-seating to be replaced with high tables and stools.
Gone is the fancy lighting to be replaced by a disco-ball!

One sidewall has been painted white so it's not all black and chrome but there are still a few too many mirrors for my liking....I like to look at other people when I'm drinking...not to be reminded how I look,but I have noticed that the more I drink,the better-looking I become!

The decor is "stark-modern"
As always,the music is too loud but the price of the beer makes-up for that.
Tiger at RM 10 per mug all night long or 3 pints for RM 58 seems pretty good value.
Bar snacks are available,all supplied via Baan 26 Thai Restaurant and range from RM 15-RM 30.

The bar inside is a bit too stark and impersonal for my liking but I could get used to it.
The outside seating is a little hot and airless unless you pick a cool night to go out.whilst the upstairs balcony is very popular.

As I've mentioned before it's always good to see new places opening and Never Mine could become one of the most popular Bars on the street for it's no-nonsense,unpretentious atmosphere and value-for-money beer.


  1. the owner of this place is a COCK of a 1st degree!! please avoid this place as he was already caught onces for spiking some canadian ladies drink !!

  2. be warned - you will pay RM25++ for a diet coke!!!! we had a diet coke and a beer - the coke was more expensive than the beer!!!!!!!!

    Also this bar has a sister bar on the same side of Changkat which is the old Finnegans, now a sports bar.

    I agree with the other comment - the staff and owner are all money grabbing robbers with zero respect for the customer - stay away or be prepared to be ripped off.

  3. they robbed me and i was found lying in a park next day. they mix drugs in drinks

  4. Bouncers attacked us here, leaving us with head and facial wounds - very dangerous place. Avoid!

  5. They spike drinks