Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bergie Evergreen Pub and Restaurant Jalan Berangan Kuala Lumpur

The road that runs parallel to Changkat Bukit Bintang which has BarKita,Albion and Bar Italia now has a new addition-Bergie Evergreen Pub.
I'm not really sure what a "Bergie" is but the waiter pointed to a weird statue in the corner...some sort of troll/ idol.
The bar has been open for about a month and looks pretty good.
Nice Black and White decor.
Friendly staff.
When I walked past at 9pm on a Saturday it was empty but so was BarKita...perhaps it gets busier later.
I don't really like going into empty bars but the staff were quite happy to chat outside.
It's yet another outlet that sells Tiger-I really don't know what the guys at Carlsberg are doing they just don't seem to be interested in doing business in this part of town.
If I'm not mistaken the only bars that sell Carlsberg are BarKita and Spritz,next to Gypsy.
At the moment Bergie Bar has a good promotion,3 pints of Tiger for RM 55 otherwise the normal price of RM 15 for a mug seems way,way too pricey.
Various promotions run throughout the week such as half-price cocktails on Tuesdays and on Wednesdays buy one get one free for pints of Tiger or Heineken.
A set lunch during the week is RM 10 ++ whilst on Sundays you can get a roast brunch for RM 40 ++
It's always good to see new bars opening and Bergie is definitely worth a visit.
If you want a slightly different atmosphere to the late night mayhem that can erupt on Changkat Bukit Bintang then the outlets on Jalan Berangan offer something a bit more relaxed and chilled.

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  1. Did you tried the food there? Milkadeal is having a promo now and i'm really interested to know if it's any worth! thanks