Thursday, October 21, 2010

Walking along Changkat Bukit Bintang,Kuala Lumpur

I had to laugh over this.
A perfect example of how *not* to hold a product launch/event.
I've written before about how clogged the pavement/sidewalk gets along this street;what with all the jockey-parking,cars parked on pavements,banners, plants and posters placed on the pavement and now,lots of places put tables and chairs outside as well.
These have proved to be very popular with everyone,except when you need to walk along the pavement because,well you can't.You have to walk in the street and hope that none of the cars,buses or coaches that constantly swarm up and down the street will hit you.
Bars that can't put tables and chairs on the pavement have resorted to putting up barriers outside their venue so that cars don't park on the pavement and in some cases these bars have added stools to the barriers to provide a little outdoor seating.Fish and Chip,Sutra and Baan 26 have done this.
Anyway...back to my point.
Volkswagen held a promo at Elixir last night.
Nothing wrong with that you might say.
And,indeed it made a change to listen to lots of different local amateur bands thrashing out their stuff instead of the usual boring and utterly predictable mind-numbing 80's retro music that most places in KL are in love with. How come there is no 90's retro? or 00's retro come to that.
And we all know that the 70's produced the best music.Ever.
So,outside Elixir were a couple of new VW Polo's (yours for only RM 108,888) and a succession of bands playing on the pavement.That's right,on the pavement. No stage.And you guessed it,you had to walk in the busy road to get past.
So where were the crowd?
Standing on the other side of the road in front of Healy Macs,Yoko's and Sutra.
With cars and buses and taxis going past in a constant stream blocking the view.
It just looked so bizarre,a band playing to the traffic.
The sooner they make Changkat Bukit Bintang a pedestrian only street and close it to traffic the better it will be for everyone.(except the car jockeys, lazy people and posers who can't walk a few yards to their chosen venue)

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