Saturday, October 2, 2010

Celsius Bar @Fahrenheit 88

Did you see what they did there?
The imaginatively named Celsius Bar has recently opened in the as yet unfinished Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall.
Located on Bukit Bintang,opposite Pavilion,it's a refurbishment of the old and decrepid Berjaya building.
They shouldn't really have bothered.
The mall has no anchor-tenant,no big names and is a hotch-potch of shops with no grouping or themes.
It's also at least half empty and freezing cold .
But...what might be good is the bar Celsius located at the back of the building.
There are so few bars on this street so Celsius is a welcome addition, whether it's any good only time will tell.
I'm not sure if it would ever become a destination in itself but if you're working or staying nearby it may be a welcome sight.
Or if you're a Chinese wanna-be gangster you may have a beer here before heading into Bintang Palace night club.
Celsius is currently having a promotion-selling 2 pints of Tiger at RM 26 and whilst this is not exactly "wow" factor it is pretty reasonable.
It looks fairly predictable in an almost tacky way and has yet to really take-off.
It also smells a bit of cement dust as there are still some building works going on in the vicinity.

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