Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bakita Jalan Berangan Kuala Lumpur

I'm not sure what to make of this place...yet.
Located just behind Weners at the bottom of Changkat Bukit Bintang in what was La Terrace,
Bakita (very loosely translates to "Our Bar") opened just in time to get a bit of trade during the World Cup.
It's just around the corner from Albion and Bar Italia.
Bakita looks a bit industrial and sterile.
The courtyard seems like a nice place for a couple of chilled-out beers but the ever-present traffic and high walls mean that you can't really watch the world go by.
The inside bar seems to be OK but even in the early evening the music is a bit too loud for an old git like me when you're not quite in the mood for it-and it was 90's house music if I remember correctly.
Which sounds dreadful at 8.30pm when you're sober.
Upstairs is more of a cocktail-lounge/clubby type place.
It's the sort of place that when it's empty there seems absolutely no reason whatsoever to go in and later at night when it's (presumably) busier it's deafeningly loud music and expensive drinks.
Predictably they offer free selected drinks for anyone wearing a skirt on Thursdays.
Probably not my thing at all-but good luck to them-They sell Carlsberg and I may actually have one there one evening, but then again I don't like the small glasses that Carlsberg now comes in.
Two or three gulps and it's gone..and a Pint gets too warm,too soon.

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  1. Went there the other day and i thought it was a great place to hang out and chill especially at the outdoor area! Don't think drinks were expensive though in fact one of the cheapest in the changkat area if not town. I loved it and my friends had a great time! Oh, we tried some food and the Legendary Burger..hmmmm hmmmmm rocks! It's about time someone served good old fashioned burgers!