Friday, December 2, 2011

How Not To Promote A Shopping Centre

I lifted this from The Star Online

Friday December 2, 2011
Latin crooner charms ‘crazy’ crowd.

KUALA LUMPUR: Armed with umbrellas and ponchos, scores of people braved the rain to watch Latin crooner Julio Iglesias sing a selection of his hit songs at YTL’s Concert of Celebration 2011.
With 350 million records sold in 14 languages and 79 albums released, the 68-year-old Iglesias showed why he was still top of his game at last night’s concert.
He made up for the damp weather by rousing the audience to sing along to some of his songs, which included Spanish numbers and the ever popular To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before and Crazy.
His most energetic number came at the end of the 90-minute set when he belted out Me Va Me Va.

Now,I've got nothing against Julio and nothing against the crowd who stood in the rain to watch him.
My issue is with the organisers.
Bukit Bintang in one of the busiest roads in KL.
It was closed for 3 days.
The traffic chaos was terrible.
And I mean Terrible.
It's difficult to imagine how a private company can get permission to shut one of the busiest roads in order to promote one of their shopping centres,whilst all around chaos ensures.
Whenever the opposition parties apply for a permit to hold a rally-it's refused on the grounds of "It will cause too much traffic chaos and inconvenience to the public"
You may think that's Double Standards.
You may be well be right.
There were diversions in place but honestly,trying to squeeze 4 lanes of traffic into just one ain't gonna work.
So,as people left work and thought "Oh no!,rain again- it will be a bad journey home tonight" they had no idea how bad it really would be.
The organisers if they even thought for just one second of the chaos they will cause probably didn't care "as the people stuck in the horrendous jam aren't the type of people who shop in Star Hill anyway...and so what? our VIP guests will arrive by a motorcade with police outriders who will carve their way through the traffic"....
And,if you read the report it says "scores of people (for all you metric people a score is an old-fashioned way of saying  20) it was hardly well attended....they could have all fitted inside the shopping centre they were trying to promote.

I really don't understand why they didn't use one of the many under-used stadiums.....

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