Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Only Dish Worth Trying in Pavilion Food-Court

.....is the Mee Jawa at the stall down the end going towards Carl's Junior.
The reason I say this is quite simple-most of the other food on offer has that bland-tasteless,franchised food-court feel about it.
It can all look OK but when you actually eat it,you begin to think ;What's The Point?"
Just about every Shopping Mall has exactly the same old sub-standard crap (except for Lot 10)
Not so with the Mee Jawa in Pavilions.
And,at RM 9 for a big,steaming bowl it's pretty good value for money for this food-court and is quite filling and very tasty.
It's much better than the Mee Jawa on offer at Old Town White Coffee,and cheaper than what they serve atLittle Penang Cafe

Definitely worth a try....makes me hungry just thinking about it.......

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