Monday, September 5, 2011

Seduction Jalan P.Ramlee Kuala Lumpur

I stumbled upon Seduction last Sunday and I'm still recovering from the experience!
Situated underneath Modesto's on Jalan P.Ramlee it's become a venue for Sunday Tea Dances-which you can read about here!.
The first thing you should know-It's LOUD!
and secondly,It gets EVEN LOUDER!
On a scale of 1 to 10,  the volume control is set to "11" with most Tea Dances,the crowd seems friendly with lots of Filipinas out for a good time,the price of beer is reasonable,the atmosphere is pretty good and there is no cover charge/Happy Hour vs Normal  (ie. exorbitant) price nonsense that most bars along Jalan P.Ramlee adopt after 9 or 10pm.
If you like live music,flashing lights,dancing competitions and drinking-then you'll like it here.
Some people even try to make conversation,whether they succeed or not I don't know-I could just about hear the guy right next to me if he shouted as close to my ear as possible... and that was when there was a lull between songs.
If you want to experience the Sunday Tea Dance phenomena,get here around 5-6pm.
Make sure you've had something to eat.
And,you'll enjoy it more if you've already got a few beers inside you as if you go in sober,when it's all in full-swing it's a bit of a shock to the system.


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  1. you got it almost right with the volume control: I think it is set to 15 and you should be going at 2PM (early Birds are catching the worms)