Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cin Cin Bar Changkat Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

A bottle of Tiger Beer for RM 9!
I'll repeat that, A Bottle of Tiger Beer for RM 9!

When Cin Cin first opened it's doors a couple of months ago after taking ages and ages with their refurbishment many people were perplexed to discover it was a "Champagne Bar" aimed at the movers and shakers of the KL social-scene-which certainly didn't include the likes of me.
So I never went there.
and it would seem...
neither did anyone else.
I have never seen a new bar stay so empty for so long,and that's despite having a couple of classy looking girls in nice dresses trying to entice you inside.

All this changed a few days ago when new management moved in.

Rule #1 when opening a bar on Changkat Bukit Bintang seems to be that you *must* place some tables and chairs outside on the pavement (Whisky bar discovered this a few months ago)
Cin Cin have done this and not surprisingly there were people sitting there and drinking on the pavement.
Rule #2 seems to be...Offer the public value for money,hence the RM 9 for a bottle of Tiger or RM 50 for 3 pints of tiger draft.....I'm sure there are other offers but I can't remember.
I really hope that it's just not in order to clear old stock.
Rule #3-and probably the most important: Hire Good People.
The staff/customer service was nice and friendly.
As far as the atmosphere is concerned...well, at this early stage you will probably have to take your own but I'm sure that will change when more people come to discover it.
The decor is definitely up-market and a bit swanky.
The upstairs area has a good balcony but the rest of it gets very smokey and a bit smelly from the cooking smoke and fumes from the Indian Restaurant next door....
Downstairs is a bit stark-sorry,"modern and trendy" but not too bad and it seems that as with most bars on the street, people would prefer to sit outside.

Hopefully the value-for-money promotions will continue and Cin Cin will become another venue on the street worth going to....only time will tell.

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