Friday, April 8, 2011

TwinTowers @Live 2011

I didn't really get this.....
A free concert held at the front of the Twin Towers in conjunction with the F1 weekend.
A real mish-mash of bands.
No Beer.
Nothing to do with the actual F1.
A lack of atmosphere-for me at least.
and...No Beer (yes,it's worth repeating)
But then again,I'm definitely not the ideal demographic/target audience.
So, I'm sure that some people really got into it.
The crowd seemed to be either young/teenagers or mums and dads with their kids plus the occasional "lost" tourist.
I don't think that many in the crowd would be attending the actual race,it was more designed to give young people something to see and to keep them out of the bars and clubs.
It started at 6pm....but the first band didn't come on until 9pm.
So there was 3 hours of inane chatter by host DJ's....I honestly can't abide it when told 'Make Some Noise" by some idiot DJ...I mean,it's so much of a cliche isn't it?
Perhaps it was that that put me in a bad mood...
First band was a girl wearing a Tudong singing "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse....Oh! the Irony!
Then there were then a few local metal/rock bands that I think I've seen before and are actually rather good and quite refreshing.
But by then I'd had enough.
Headlining on the night I was there were either Wonder Girls or Hoobastank.
The last band would have come on at around midnight....far too long a wait as far as I was concerned.
Main act on the second night will be a version of Earth Wind and Fire but you will have to put-up with Colby Adonis (whoever they are) and a host of local bands (who will all probably be OK) before you hear Boogie Wonderland....

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