Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lobby Restaurant & Lounge,One Residency,Jalan Negasari,Kuala Lumpur

If you begin to tire of the mayhem that can be Changkat Bukit Bintang there are a few more relaxed places opening-up on the streets that run parallel.
Walk past Werners at the bottom of Changkat Bukit Bintang, go past Barkita on Jalan Berangan and just around the corner are Albion and Bar Italia,two restaurants/bars that have both been up and running for a while now and offer a more laid back environment.
I find them a bit too pricey.Others rave about the good food and nice ambiance.
On Jalan Negasari, the next street down you can find Palette-Palate restaurant and the jazz club No Black Tie, whilst opposite in the ridiculously named new office block cum condo "One Residency" there are a few places recently opened-with probably more to follow.
Delucca is yet another Italian Restaurant with a jazzy feel to it and has live music weekends whilst next to it is Lobby,a Thai (ish) restaurant cum bar.
All of the places I've mentioned above seem to appeal to exactly the same type of customer, one who is looking for a place that doesn't get too crowded,has good food and is more of a chill-out lounge type place.
Lobby has cheaper beer prices than Delucca (which is why I went there)
Draught Tiger is RM 9++
Sitting inside at the bar was tolerable and the staff were friendly, it wasn't busy at all and I think that the management want it that way,although perhaps they need a few more bums on seats to pay the rent.
I haven't sat "inside" for ages as I usually go for the outdoor areas wherever I go but it was a hot night and outside there were no fans...a big drawback.
So,sitting inside was chilly as the aircon was at full blast,the place was empty and  reeked of stale cigarette smoke-not nice.
The flashing disco lights were rather annoying and distracting.
The menu is limited to 5 main dishes and from what I saw the food seemed to be very good, the Barrumandi with tempura vegetables and rice cakes was certainly tasty and cost around rm 35++ and a jug of Tiger was  RM 36++, although I picked-up a leaflet saying it was on promotion at at RM 29++ so I'm a bit confused as to the pricing/promotional activity....
They have various lunch time and afternoon tea promotions-although at RM 19++ for an executive lunch,it's a bit expensive.
I believe it's run by the same people who have the excellent Baan 26 Thai restaurant on Changkat Bukit Bintang-so the food should be very good indeed.
I'm just not sure I'd bother to go back.
Delucca looked to be a bit more happening and has an inviting open front-concept but I've just got a bit tired of all the Italian restaurants in town.

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