Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rum Jungle/Beach Club revisited

After the music ban had been lifted I decided to check-out Rum Jungle and Beach Club on Jalan P.Ramlee.
Rum Jungle has closed (most) of the glass doors along the outside in order to try and contain the noise.The Band sounded just as loud as before but the bar was fairly empty for a Friday night.
I guess that the after-work crowd now go to Over Time just up the road or to Quattro/Four Seasons bar in Avenue K Mall, or even to the new Irish Bar at KLCC.
There were a few bored looking working girls wandering around Rum Jungle and probably because it was not busy,getting my change wasn't a problem.
Is it me or does Rum Jungle smell slightly of vomit?
Beach Club has also decided to keep the glass doors closed.
This in effect creates two distinct areas,the outside veranda and the inside bar.
The problem that it creates is that people can't circulate,the bar-counter inside is very close to the doors and gets a bit overcrowded and there isn't enough room to walk behind the drinkers sitting at the bar-it creates quite a hostile environment and a lot of bumping into people and saying "sorry".
The same thing happens on the outside veranda now,lots of people with nowhere to go so it gets a bit overcrowded.
This is how Beach Club used to operate years ago-the doors would be closed once the band came on stage and the music cranked up.
Not as good as before-but hey,at least it's open.

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  1. Went to Malony's (I think that's the name) in KLCC on Wednesday and it is in fact beginning to get an after office hours crowd and the happy hour pricing is quite reasonable. This bar got the potential to be quite nice since the "view" is awesome (and no - I am not talking about the bloody fountain).