Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day Trip from Kuala Lumpur-Hill Stations

Hill Stations were what the old-colonials used to retreat to when Kuala Lumpur got a bit too hot and sticky and as the name suggests,they are settlements at a higher altitude and therefore offer cooler temperatures.
Bukit Fraser 100km north of KL at 1524m above sea-level offers a good chance to experience a Hill Station of old.The buildings resemble an English village from the 1930's and are very quaint and picturesque.There's not too much to do once you get there,but it's nice to just walk around the village,enjoy the breeze and cool air and soak-up the atmosphere.
A lot of the buildings have been converted into guest-houses,some are well maintained whilst others are ,sadly showing signs of neglect
The drive here can also be interesting,with lots of switchback bends,with the last part of the journey being a one-way stretch controlled by traffic lights known as "The Gap"
If you're a golfer,you can play a round otherwise you can walk around,or do some horse-riding.
In the village there are a few signboards detailing hiking trails, and you can get brochures and maps from a couple of places.The hiking-trails start with an easy 30 minute walk, whilst others are 2-3 hour treks which can get a bit strenuous, wet and muddy.
Keen bird-watchers and wild-flower enthusiasts should have a good time.
There are a few restaurants dotted around,the most famous being "The Old Smokehouse" that offers roast dinners.

It's possible to get to Bukit Fraser by public transport,but probably not worth the effort,if you're wealthy you can hire a taxi for the day to get you there but your money would be better spent doing something else.It's a viable trip if you know someone who can drive you there and back in a day.There are places to stay on the hill,if you want to make a night of it,or if you miss your connection going down.

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