Sunday, July 19, 2009

Petaling Street

Chinatown has a distinct character of its own, with colourful streets of shops, restaurants,temples and hawker stalls.

It's noisy,chaotic,smelly and crowded..... Petaling Street is the main pedestrianised shopping area.

The stalls are packed very close together-it can be a bit claustrophobic.
A marketplace for Chinese goods such as medicines and herbs and more contemporary items like fashion accessories and electronic products.

Petaling Street is best visited at night when stalls spread their wares out on the street.
You can get cheap goods and some great food.

Products range from (illegal) designer replicas, Gucci winter fur-lined coats, t-shirts, leather goods, jewelry,fake watches accessories, and copies of latest DVD / CD.
Go with an open mind and aim to sharpen/hone your bargaining skills!... From early afternoon till late at night, the entire street is cluttered with stalls peddling all manner of goods from under the sun.

The stall holders are very aggressive,if you look at something for too long...or,heaven forbid actually touch an item the stallholder sees it as your commitment to buy

Most stallholders tend to double even triple their price so beware.

A haven for pickpockets and snatch thief's so be careful.....

A canopy roofing has been added over the street, so you can walk and browse rain or shine.

Enjoying the night market is really a matter of just wandering about and enjoying its sights, sounds, and energy. It's always fun for a first-time visitor.

- Other must see sights while you are here is the Mahamariamman Hindu Temple and the Kwong Siew Chinese Temple.
If you've made the decision to stay in one of the run-down grotty looking hotels in this area instead of the nicer Changkat Bukit Bintang/Jalan Tong Shin area a good nightime spot for a beer would be...
The Reggae Bar,just of Petaling Street.It's a magnet for backpackers and has some really good drinks deals-and they don't play reggae all night.

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